#AutisminSport: Why does @CAC_ACE CEO @ltlafreniere refer to Autistic people as "Insane" and "Disturbed Creatures"?

Why does @CAC_ACE CEO @ltlafreniere refer to Autistic people as "Insane" and "Disturbed Creatures"?

Currently the Coaches Association of Canada and specifically their CEO Lorraine Lafreniere is at the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal over excluding those with mental disabilities in sport. Their lawyers responses are so far off the wall of inclusion. That this organization and it's CEO continue to feed its members with more smoke and mirrors as seen in this quote  “I am thrilled that Matthew and Jessica will be with us in Richmond as conference emcees”, says Lorraine Lafrenière, Chief Executive officer of the CAC. “Their personal experience as leaders and ambassadors of inclusivity in sport will be invaluable as we encourage our delegation to become a more innovative, diverse and inclusive sport community.”

Lorraine and her organization are only interested in those with "leaders and ambassadors" qualities. ie. if you can behave properly then we will accept you. But at the core of mental health is behavioural issues. It's a bit of a mix message as I have been advocating with the above since 2014 for inclusion of Autistic people. The evidence below shows to the contrary of the above statements. Less than two minutes after this post was made. Both the Coaches Association of Canada and CEO Lorraine Lafreniere blocked Autism in Sport from following them on Twitter. That's not being inclusive is it? It shows how far this organization needs to grow in order to be inclusive of those with permanent disabilities.


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